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Hot Water Brewing Co

XPA - Extra Pale Ale

XPA - Extra Pale Ale

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The Joyful One

Hot Water Brewing Co’s XPA is a premium New Zealand craft beer. Our XPA (Extra Pale Ale), breaks free from the ordinary, offering an enigmatic blend that defies the need for strict definitions and revels in its uniqueness.

It’s luminous golden hue, achieved by selecting only the lightest malts, ensuring a crisp, clear foundation that lets the hops take centre stage. Each glass radiates with a lighter body and subtle malt undertones, allowing the sophisticated hop character to shine with bright, zesty notes that resonate with the pure coastal air of The Coromandel.

With an ABV that teeters between the refreshment of a classic Kiwi Pale Ale and the boldness of an IPA, our XPA stands in a league of its own. It’s an ode to extra creativity and passion, a testament to our dedication to craft beer excellence. 

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